• Sheltee Industrial Maintenance Ltd. is a company operating in the heart of North-East England providing you with the specialist skills in the removal and installation of machinery.
  • A totall independent, privately run business, established for over 15 years.
  • All qualified personnel who work as pert of a dedicated team in the UK and abroad.

Sheltee Industrial Maintenance Ltd. are amongst the first of a new breed of plant and machinery relocation experts. Specially recruited teams have been brought together and trained to excel at managing and implementing any industrial relocation program

The teams combine such a comprehensive base of skills and experience that, no matter how specialised the plant and equipment is, the job will be carried out to an unbeatable standard of quality.

Expert plant and machinery relocation is not just a question of secure and careful transport. Limited understanding of complex electrical and mechanical workings can give rise to poor planning and poor execution. This could cause untold damage to the machinery that may not be discovered for months.

This is why Sheltee International have within their teams machinery experts who fully understand intricate mechanics and electrics.

The successful relocation of plant and equipment is not a single isolated task, but rather an integrated process of several expert tasks.

It is important therefore that the highly skilled tasks, such as electrical and mechanical engineering and welding, are firmly under the control of the relocation company, and not contracted in. Sheltee International employ experts in these highly skilled fields full time.

The proof of any company's competence is the success of all previous jobs and a 100-percent customer satisfaction rate. Sheltee International will be happy to furnish relevant references of satisfied customers.

Sheltee International have provided relocation and maintenance services for many well known companies, please see here for some of the companies who have benefitted from our range of services.

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