To give an indication of the tasks undertaken - following are two examples:


When a company as large as Eaton makes a strategic decision to relocate one of its heavy engineering divisions abroad it takes great care in choosing the right company to carry out the move. The safe transportation of the machinery is taken as read, and there are several companies who could do the job well.

What Eaton needed was a company with proven engineering skills that could do more than just lift awkward loads. Sheltee were called in to relocate over 2,000 tonnes of invaluable machinery from Darlington in Northern England to Pamplona in Spain. Not only did they move the machinery, but they performed various modifications and ensured the whole plant was up and running without fault by the time the project was due for completion.

Since then Eaton have seen fit to use Sheltee to relocate both the Manchester and Newton Aycliffe factories to Gdansk in Poland, this has recently been completed in June 2001


When you are responsible for one of the World's largest and most impressive examples of injection moulding plant equipment and it needs to be repositioned you would feel a lot more secure if the company performing the task had a full working knowledge of that equipment.

Sheltee successfully sent the 130 tonnes of production equipment on its 11,000 mile journey to Canberra, Australia. They understood the intricate mechanics and electrics of the machinery and treated the equipment as valuable and delicate pieces of engineering. Needless to say, the job was completed on time and within budget.

All of Sheltees' customers have found them not only completely reliable, but fiercely price-competitive as well.

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